May. 6th, 2013

theshabbiestofmen: (Happy ☾Delighted!)
[It's been a good night. Home alone, some classical music on the radio, a large and dusty book, and a bottle of red wine to sip at while he reads. Sirius is out doing something-- Auror training, Remus thinks vaguely, but he's not entirely certain-- but the point is, Remus has some time to himself.

He didn't mean to get drunk, not really. It was just hard to resist a second glass of wine after he'd had his first, and then a third after his second-- and the wine tasted so delicious, and he'd been so thirsty-- and then he's peering at the bottom of the bottle with a chuckle, because what even happened to it all!

Ah, but that's a question for another time-- because there's someone at the front door, and Remus knows precisely who it is. And he's so happy his boyfriend is home, happy enough that he stumbles to his feet to go and let him in.]


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