theshabbiestofmen: (Casual ☾Ew-www)
Remus J Lupin ([personal profile] theshabbiestofmen) wrote2016-02-15 12:47 am
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Age: twenty-one
Augment: Communications
Ship: Paisley 
Romantic Attachments: None
Physical trysts: None
Eye color: green
Hair color: brown-blond
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 153 lb
Wand: Cypress wood, unicorn hair core, 10¼", pliable
 ↳ Clothes
   • Winter coat and hat from Arslae (the salt planet)
   • A white button-down shirt, a large sweater with patches all over, brown trousers, black sneakers
 ↳ Wand
 ↳ Books
   • One one military warfare
   • Six fictional novels
   • An alien animal bestiary
   • An anatomy book

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